E-Visa: General Conditions and Information

E-Visa: General Conditions and Information

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E-Visa: General Conditions and Information

  • The e-Visa System is totally online from start to receiving visa (create an account, fill out, upload documents, make payment, and ... once approved ... receive your e-Visa through email - make sure you fill in a correct email address).
  • Payment for application processing fee (visa fee) is also made online.
  • Sending passports or visiting the Embassy is NO longer required unless advised by the Embassy. No visa sticker will be affixed in your passport.
    • All applicants are strongly advised to thoroughly read through the user's manual or watch user's manual video clips prior to starting the application process. 
    • Please exercise caution in completing the applications to avoid any possible mistakes, which could lead to cancellation or rejection of the applications. Application processing fee (visa fee) will NOT be refunded in either case.
    • The Embassy CANNOT edit or correct your personal details for you.
    • In the case where applicants fail to submitted required documents or additional documents requested by the Embassy within 7 days from the date of submission, the applications will be cancelled without prior notice. Application processing fee (visa fee) will NOT be refunded.
    • The Embassy only has the authority to provide visa services to those who are in Romania or Bulgaria for the entire visa process. Visa applications of those who are not in Romania or Bulgaria for the entire process will be REJECTED. No refund is possible.
    • For further inquiries, please send an email to [email protected] with both your full name and application reference number. Emails without applicants' full names and application numbers will be disregarded

1. WHO can apply for e-Visa with the Royal Thai Embassy, Bucharest?

  • Residents of Romania and Bulgaria (currently residing in Romania or Bulgaria) may apply for e-Visas with the Royal Thai Embassy, Bucharest. Proof of residency are required. [e-Visa: https://thaievisa.go.th]
  • Those currently residing outside Romania and Bulgaria regardless of their nationalities should contact the Royal Thai Embassy in their respective countries/areas. 
  • Nationals of Romania and Bulgaria who are currently in Thailand or outside of Romania and Bulgaria cannot apply for e-Visa with the Embassy. They must first return to Romania or Bulgaria before applying.
  • Those who are already in Thailand and wish to extend their stay beyond the permitted period (granted by immigration officer upon their arrival in Thailand), please contact local Immigration Office in Thailand.
    • Thai Visa is for entering Thailand. It is therefore issued to those who are outside of Thailand and will visit Thailand. Therefore, your visa application will be rejected if you are already in Thailand during the visa process.
    • Royal Thai Embassy, Bucharest has the authority to provide visa service only to those who are in Romania and Bulgaria for the entire visa process. Therefore, your visa application will be rejected if you are outside of Romania or Bulgaria.

2. WHAT TYPES of e-Visa are available?

  • All types of e-visa:
    • Tourist visa; Transit visa; Non-Immigrant visas; LTR visa; Diplomatic and Official visas. 
    • EXCEPT the Privilege Entry Visa for Thailand Elite members.
  • Both single and multiple entries are available, subject to prescribed conditions.
  • The e-Visa system will help you decide an appropriate type of visa to apply for.

3. Is it possible to visit the Embassy in Bucharest or at the Consulate in Sofia to apply for a visa
instead of doing it online?

  • Unfortunately, NO. Every applicant must apply for a visa through this e-Visa system: thaievisa.go.th
  • EXCEPT the Privilege Entry Visa for Thailand Elite members.

4. Do I need to visit the Embassy at all for my visa OR send my passport to the Embassy?

  • NO and NO, except those who are invited for an interview.
  • Once approved, your e-Visa will be sent to the email you provided in your application.
    • Please make sure to provide a correct email address.
    • You should print out your e-visa and keep it with you while travelling.

5. How do I pay the application processing fee (visa fee)?

  • Applicants are required to pay the application processing fee (visa fee) online through the e-Visa System. Successful payment is required to complete the application process.
  • The system accepts payment by debit or credit (VISA & Master Card) cards.
  • If the payment is successful, the application status will show "processing", and the applicants will be able to download a payment receipt.
  • If the payment is unsuccessful, there will be a notification stating that the "payment has failed or been cancelled". Please make payment using a different card or contact your bank.
    • Once payment has been made, the application processing fee (visa fee) CANNOT be refunded if the application is cancelled or rejected.

6. HOW LONG is the processing time? & WHEN should I apply for an e-Visa?

  • Due to a large number of applications, the current processing time is at least 21 working days (not including weekends and public holidays) after a complete application is received which means all required documents must be submitted correctly. Some applications can take longer. Please observe the Embassy's holidays.
  • You must apply for an e-Visa at least 21 working days before your intended travel date BUT no longer than 2 months because most visas have 60 - 90 days' validity starting from the date of issuance. **If you are planning to travel to Thailand during November-February, it is strongly advised that you apply 45 days in advance to avoid any delays caused by incomplete documents, system errors, public holidays, etc.** The Embassy CANNOT accommodate last minute applications EXCEPT in case of emergency such as death/severe illness of a family member in Thailand or court appointment. In case of such emergency, you should contact the Embassy in advance by email [email protected] before submitting the application. 
  • Applications by certain nationals can take up to 3 months to complete the process.
  • All visa applications submitted more than 90 days prior to the intended date of arrival in Thailand, as specified by applicants in the applications, will be rejected.

7. HOW do I apply for an e-Visa?

  • Go to https://thaievisa.go.th
  • Create an account
    • Verification link will be sent via email.
    • Your account can be used to apply for an e-Visa for yourself and your family members (up to 10 persons at a time)
    • Your account can also be used for future visa applications. 
  • Apply for a new visa
    • Check your eligibility & choose visa category
    • Upload biodata page of passport and a photo taken within the last 6 months (JPG / JPEG format, size not exceeding 3 MB)
    • Enter personal information and travel information
    • Upload supporting documents
    • Pay application processing fee (visa fee) online
  • Check the status of your application
    • You can track the status of your application in the e-Visa system by logging into your account.
    • You can also withdraw your application but the fee, once paid, will NOT be refunded.
  • Download your visa document     Once approved, the visa document will be automatically sent to you by email. You can also download your visa document by logging
         into your account and click on the "Available" tab.

8. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE from the Embassy


The Embassy urges all applicants to thoroughly read through the e-Visa System user's manual or watch the user's manual video clips prior to starting the application process and to exercise caution in completing their applications to avoid any possible mistakes, which could lead to cancellation or rejection of the applications. Application processing fee (visa fee) CANNOT be refunded in either case.

See: Common Mistakes which could lead to REJECTION of your e-Visa application



Royal Thai Embassy, Bucharest
16 December 2022 (updated 2 January 2024)